How does Testive work? You will discover two areas to Testive.

How does Testive work? You will discover two areas to Testive. An example may be our FREE prep applications developed from MIT. It includes adaptive perform questions with the SAT, Fresh SAT along with PSAT, and also ACT. Your concerns are available to absolutely everyone.

The second is our teaching program. Though our cooking software is perfect for helping learners practice, some of our coaches really help young people reach most of their full future by providing motivation and pro guidance along the route. Coaching lessons are stored over videos chat. You can expect monthly designs for this course.

What Makes Testive Different?


  • The many practice subject are free in order to EVERYONE
  • Our own software gets used to and personalizes questions regarding maximum studying
  • Answer video lessons and manifestation notes
  • Complete analytics let students to track learning so as to stay on track.


  • Flexibility: Set up meetings all over your program.
  • Convenience: Meet your mentor on video chat anyplace (that features Wi-Fi)
  • Determination: Our mentors will help keep on track
  • Communication: Coaches retain parents up-to-date weekly
  • Motor coachs: Our trainers have 99th percentile scores and we coordinate students together with coaches determined by both quantity and shown interests
  • Results: Testive educating students find score improves 3x greater than the industry normal


General Understanding

Testive Learning is a heart-felt SAT/ACT prepare program that pairs young people with 99th percentile credit scoring coaches intended for 1-on-1 mastering, motivation along with accountability. Using Testive Training, students undertake all of their use their personalised learning applications developed on MIT and even meet with their whole coach suggests video chitchat on the present student’s time through anywhere.

Training Sessions

In coaching sessions, coaches may perhaps cover distinct content, develop or readjust an action approach, and/or trainer on time operations or panic, amongst other considerations.
The most important part of a coaching session in reality occurs before the meeting. Scholars generally give good results 4-9 hours per week on Testive’s podium. As the trainees use the stand, their guru will receive files automatically. This allows coach to build up a learning plan ahead of every session. This coaching instruction are typically 30-60 minutes once per week, but contain as much finding out into these as a old classic 90- second session along with other SAT/ACT preparation methods.

Plan Length

The common student’s Testive Coaching program lasts five months, nonetheless we’ve seen success together with shorter along with longer applications. Ultimately, the recommended plan duration is dependent upon your child’s ideal test particular date, proximity to attain goal, level of free time, in addition to learning type.

Matching Young people With Motor coachs

Building a solid connection concerning each college student and his or simply her coach is the first step to accomplishment.
Earliest, we thin it down to only the actual coaches do you know schedules go along with your agenda.
Secondly, we go with a student determined by shared pursuits and personality fit.
Lastly, most of us listen to anyone. Every college student has a different learning style, so many of us do our best to accommodate any specific requests.
All of our instructors are 99th percentile scorers, educated in schools enjoy Harvard together with Princeton, and most importantly, love working with young people.

Learning Discrepancies

Our ways to students with learning differences is to construct a personalized program suited to these people that controls their capabilities and forms around their whole weaknesses. We are a few associated with tech which might be especially useful for students utilizing learning incapacitated: for dyslexia, we have lead videos wandering through almost all practice things that include producing, spoken-word, as well as video. Regarding ADHD, each of our practice trips can be slated extremely short to accommodate swifter temperaments, as well as longer generate stamina. Mother and father are modified weekly automagically, so it’s straightforward to determine swiftly whether the program is calculating, and exactly exactly how well.

Value and Charging

Testive’s services are designed to possibly be affordable and efficient. Get a brochure today pertaining to detailed costs information. We accept key credit cards as well as offer monthly instalment plans.


We offer some sort of 14-day, not any questions questioned, money back guarantee*. In addition , after the two week window you can eliminate at any time and you may not be billed for long run months belonging to the program. *excludes our one-month bootcamp software.

Missing Give good results

Every time a college student misses the committed investigation day, their own coach is actually immediately warned. Our private coach will contact the student straightaway to determine issue was merely a one-off situation or when the student’s discovering plan must be recalibrated. If your student produces a the pattern of passing up on commitments, each of our coach will probably notify the very student’s fathers and mothers and set ” up ” a video workout to get the learner back on track.

Results Wish so confident our studying philosophy and training process operate that we distribute all effects from learners who have completed our process. We’ve found hundreds of students master the main SAT/ACT and also exceed their whole and their parents’ expectations in this program. Never convinced? Take a look at what various other parents along with students thought about Testive Coaching.

How to get started

The first step will be to set up a new 10-minute mommy call to aid you to determine if Testive Coaching could be the right suit. If it is, we provide a free 30-minute coaching workout to your youngster.



Testive’s unique learning system includes above 3, 000 adaptive procedure questions as well as review video tutorials, and 60+ lesson plans. This is free to all people.

Score Prediction

When a college student has answered enough process questions in a category (about 10-15) people get a report prediction that could be accurate in +/- fifty points of their particular SAT final results. Our long term studies have proven that Testive’s score forecasts are seeing that accurate just like any practice examination can be.

Only using the Software

Only using the software is best for young people who can constantly motivate themselves to study, continue being focused on their particular weakest places, and represent deeply own wrong responses. However , we’ve found this mentorship is known as a powerful finding out tool and that also motivation in addition to accountability best served as a result of human communication, which we offer our clients through all of our coaching system.

Question Validity

Since the University or college Board doesn’t license their SAT/ACT questions for use by private corporations, the thoughts on our finding out platform are written by testing experts. Most of us also offer evaluation and rating of 1, seven-hundred past HID questions with the College Board’s Official SEATED Study Guideline, 2nd Edition using some of our Blue E book uploader application. Similarly, we tend to also offer absolutely free analysis as well as scoring with the 5 earlier ACT qualifications made available within the Real FUNCTION Prep Instruction, 3rd Copy using our own Red E book uploader software.